Harley-Davidson patented three new items

Harley-Davidson patented three new items

February 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

One of them is an absolutely unusual model for an American company, and two more – a new streetfighter and a cruiser.

Last summer, Harley-Davidson showed prototypes of the Pan America 1250, Streetfighter and Custom 1250, and the audience literally exploded. And last week, images of a new technology appeared in the patent office, and judging by them there will not be too many changes. Motorcycles are almost the same as those shown in the summer photos.

Custom 1250 could be called a classic model of the brand, if it were not for the raised exhaust tract. A new bike is expected as an addition to the Sportster line.

Streetfighter will be the first motorcycle of the naked series, which will consist of nine bikes with powerplants with a volume of 500 – 1,250 cm ³ and a 975-cc liquid cooling system. And, finally, the tour enduro Pan America 1250. Corresponding to the numbers in the name of the motorcycle will have a 1250-cc V-twin engine.

 In the sale of new products from a well-known company will go through a couple of years. Also, by 2027, it is planned to release about 100 motorcycles according to the “More roads for Harley-Davidson” strategy.