Harley-Davidson patented adaptive motorcycle cruise control

Harley-Davidson patented adaptive motorcycle cruise control

August 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It would seem that the system that is used only in the automotive industry is also adopted by motorcycle companies. Among them is H-D, for which it is now important to stay in the trend.

Americans plan not only to adopt adaptive cruise control, but also to improve it, judging by the images of the application filed on August 15 with the US Patent Office. Currently, motorcycles use a traditional system that maintains constant speed on the road.

But Harley-Davidson goes further and develops a system that not only finds other vehicles in front, but also goes nearby in the same lane, as in a group driving situation.

According to an early concept, it should also distinguish between a car and a motorcycle based on its position within the strip (center, left or right). It also allows the driver to choose a vehicle to adapt to its speed. By the way, last year the company patented an adaptive brake system, so these two systems can be easily combined.

Since motorcyclists often ride in convoys or small companies, such a development will really be useful.