Harley-Davidson Pan America assembly showed on video

Harley-Davidson Pan America assembly showed on video

June 9, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Enthusiasm for the Harley-Davidson Pan America has been very high since its inception. No matter how anyone perceives the model, this is a huge step beyond the “comfort zone” for the American brand and, moreover, into a niche that is both incredibly popular and extremely competitive.

To create even more fame, Harley-Davidson has released a short video that takes us to the York, PA factory where their new motorcycle is being built. The propulsion system is manufactured in Milwaukee, but other important parts such as the frame, fuel tank and fenders are manufactured in York. First of all, this video emphasizes that building a bike is a family affair.

The people working there are immensely proud of their work, they are excited and want to show the world their work.

By the way, Pan America is an absolute commercial success, so when they reach dealerships, at least in the US, they immediately go to customers.

However, whoever says anything, watching the assembly process of any vehicle is an exciting experience. And if you share our views, then you’d better just rate this video: