Harley-Davidson develops emergency autonomous braking system

Harley-Davidson develops emergency autonomous braking system

August 9, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Following the announcement of several new models for 2020, the American company patented its new development for motorcycles. The system of automatic braking, designed to prevent emergencies. News divides the Indian portal auto.ndtv.com.

Harley-Davidson is working on an emergency stand-alone braking system for next-generation motorcycles. The latest filed patent images show that the company plans to use several sensors in the system to scan the trajectory of the motorcycle in any dangerous situations that can cause a head-on collision. For example, a car makes a sudden turn or suddenly an animal runs out onto the highway. The controller processes the data, and if it predicts an imminent collision, it automatically activates the bike brake system, triggering the clutch to slow or even stop the motorcycle.

The problem is that such unexpected and sudden braking of a motorcycle can lead the rider out of balance in the absence of seat belts, as in a car. The solution to this problem is the additional sensors used to determine the physical and mental preparation of the rider for emergency braking.

Additional sensors on the handlebars determine if the rider is holding the steering wheel with both hands. In turn, the sensors on the seat determine if the pilot has risen on the running boards. Cognitive sensors installed on the dashboard and even inside the helmet, follow the eyes of the driver.

If these sensors determine that the driver is not prepared for emergency braking, the system includes a series of warning indicators on the rear-view mirrors and dashboard, sound warnings and even vibrations from tactile indicators in the steering wheel and seat. In addition, the system can also apply braking for a short time, so that the driver does not forget about it.

If the racer continues to ignore it, the system will wait a few more milliseconds before slowing down the motorcycle. If the system determines that the rider is prepared, she will start applying emergency braking. And if the rider has already applied the brakes, the system will exert additional brake pressure.

But there is a danger that the system can be overloaded when the sensors determine that the rider is in control and no help is needed. The technology is still at the patenting stage, so it is still not known when Harley-Davidson will begin to implement this technology on the finished product. And whether it will even be implemented as an assistant to the driver in the future.