Harley-Davidson collaborates with the Qianjiang Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson collaborates with the Qianjiang Motorcycle

June 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Companies have officially confirmed that they have joined forces to create a 338-cc motorcycle for the Chinese market. Why China and what is known for Qianjiang Motorcycle?

Despite the fact that the Chinese market is not as large as the Indian (on a global scale), it is still the second largest market for two-wheeled vehicles in the world. The total production of bikes in India in 2017 exceeded 20 million units, but China did not lag far behind, producing about 15 million units in the same period of time.

Cooperation with Qianjiang Motorcycle Company Limited will help expand the impact of Harley-Davidson abroad and accelerate the development of low-moped motorcycles. They will start with a 338-cubic mini-Harley, which will be shown next year.

 As for the Chinese company, it has a rather rich history. In 2005, it acquired one of the oldest Italian motorcycle manufacturers, Binelli. Under this brand model was produced MotoBi (which existed, however, not for long) and firearms. Then the Chinese have already released scooters and motorcycles under different brands, but the purchase of Binelli was of particular importance to them. First, it is a beautiful Italian design, and secondly, the recognition of the name. Although, before the purchase took place, the Italians’ motorcycles were not considered models of reliability.

 Binelli is the most famous outside of China, but not the only brand of the company. She also produces motorcycles and scooters Qijiang, Generic, Keeway and KSR. It is also engaged in the production of quad bikes, minibikes and other products.

Earlier, Kawasaki introduced the updated enduro KLX300R with a 292-cc engine and liquid cooling.