Harley-Davidson bought startup StaCyc

Harley-Davidson bought startup StaCyc

March 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In recent years, the aging of Harley-Davidson motorcycle buyers has become apparent. The American manufacturer has missed the change of generations and heredity, so now it is forced to dramatically change or simply expand the scope of its activities.

Harley-Davidson has bought a startup, StaCyc., Inc., which produces bicycle pedals for children, equipped with electric drives. They are called EDRIVE.

The purpose of such a purchase is to attract kids to the Harley-Davidson brand, so that when they grow up they buy big motorcycles from Milwaukee.

StaCyc appeared in 2016 with two models: 12e (12-inch frame) and 16e (16-inch frame). Each product can be used both as a regular bike and as a bike bike. On the official website, it is stated that all bicycle chains are sold, but there are spare parts and accessories. The Harley-Davidson company is going to sell StaCyc bikebikes under its brand. They should appear in the official dealerships in the third quarter of 2019.

About the price is not reported. Initially, StaCyc 12e cost 649 dollars, StaCyc 16e – 699 dollars.