Hankook’s three future tire designs

Hankook’s three future tire designs

November 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The South Korean tire manufacturer summed up the next competition among designers by choosing three tire concepts for autonomous vehicles: one for racing and two for smart cities stuffed with sensors.

Hankook holds a Design Innovation Competition every two years. This year, the Royal Royal College of Art became a partner, and participants were invited to speculate on the theme “extending life beyond mobility”

A specific topic is tires for autonomous cars. As a result, the jury selected three projects – Aeroflow, HLS 23 and Hexonic.

Aeroflow – racing tires whose design features maximize downforce. The Aeroflow wheel can be split in two, effectively cooling the brake discs and directing air flows.

HLS – the wheel for commercial vehicles of the future. Several tire-equipped tires can be grouped together to transport heavy loads. At the same time, each can rotate independently of the others, which allows the car, for example, to turn around in place, like a caterpillar.

Hexonic – wheel concept for a personal robotic car. The system of integrated sensors constantly collects information about road conditions and the condition of the car, and smart polymers in tires change their tread shape in dry and rainy weather.

Hankook has released a two-minute video about cars that use these technologies.

In addition to competitive works, Hankook showed a new serial hi-end tire – Ventus S1 evo 3. The combination of natural and advanced materials improves grip and at the same time provides a comfortable ride.