Hamilton’s brother will spend the season in the British Touring

Hamilton’s brother will spend the season in the British Touring

March 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Nicholas Hamilton, the younger brother of the five-time world champion, is preparing to spend a full season in the British bodywork championship BTCC as part of Team BRIT and is confident that he deserves it.

26-year-old Nicholas is sick with cerebral palsy, but overcomes the effects of the disease and has long been engaged in motor racing, speaking in various national touring series.

“When I announced my plans, people said:” He is here only because of his brother, it’s all about the money. ” But Lewis doesn’t give me a penny for motor racing, so I want to tell you what people need to know, ”Nicholas said. – I am not one of those who use others.

Lewis achieved what he achieved thanks to his father’s own talents and support. The last thing I want is to contact him for a couple of millions so that I can compete in races. But I made my way primarily from my own efforts, and I least need help.

I think in my heart neither brother nor father would like me to go in for motor racing, but I like it, this is what I want. I just tried to overcome my condition, although many said that it would not work. But I did it, although it was very difficult. But you know, if it were not for my condition, I would not be here right now. It was precisely overcoming the disease that I became as I am now, and I am proud of it. ”

In 2015, Nicholas had already spent several races in the BTCC series, and in 2017, he played in the British Renault Clio Cup. He pilots a car with a slightly modified controls: it has two pedals, gas and brakes, and the clutch is turned off with the steering-wheel lever.