Hamilton will not receive a knighthood in 2020

Hamilton will not receive a knighthood in 2020

December 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Last night in the UK an official list of citizens of the United Kingdom was published, whose achievements in a particular socially significant area deserve high state awards.

In this list of 1097 names are politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, prominent representatives of the cultural sphere and, of course, outstanding athletes who particularly distinguished themselves in the past year.

But the name of Lewis Hamilton, a six-time world champion, is not there, despite the fact that his candidacy was officially supported by the British Motorsport Federation.

A week ago, the president of this organization, Dave Richards, said that if Hamilton was not awarded the knighthood this year, this would be a very serious omission.

Now this is a fait accompli. In social networks, he has already caused quite a heated discussion, it has been suggested that in government circles in Great Britain veto the candidatures of those citizens who prefer not to pay taxes at home, and Hamilton lives in Monaco.

But there is another opinion: motorsport, unfortunately, is not considered as an important and popular sport, such as cricket. In particular, in the New Year’s award list, signed by Queen Elizabeth II – four players of the UK cricket team.