Hamilton: We want Ferrari to be in the best shape

Hamilton: We want Ferrari to be in the best shape

October 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

After the summer break, the Ferrari team added significantly and in the last races their cars look no less fast than Mercedes. True, because of the internal contradictions of success, they manage to achieve far from always.

Before the weekend in Japan, Lewis Hamilton expressed his opinion about the competition with Scuderia and the team’s approach to working with racers.

Lewis Hamilton: “I am excitedly waiting for what the weekend for Suzuk will turn out for us, given the competition that we have and the new challenges that will face us with the new machine. It is interesting to know if she will be quick here.

I do not expect that the relationship inside Ferrari will somehow help us, because I do not think that we need such help. I look at things differently. We want them to be in the best shape, so that we can challenge them, and if we can defeat them, such success will be more pleasant.

There are many interpretations of what happens or doesn’t happen in Ferrari, but I don’t follow it too much. There was a lot of noise because of the last race, but I saw Sebastian Vettel after her, and he looked quite peaceful. But from the outside, everything may look different.

In my opinion, Ferrari is a very impressive force, now they work just amazing, in the remaining races it will be very difficult to defeat them. They clearly managed to achieve more from the current car, and it will be very interesting to see how things turn out next year. I hope that in 2020, the struggle during the season will be more dense. But the last five races of this year should be interesting.

In the history of Formula 1, we have repeatedly seen cases where two champions appeared in the same team, and friction always occurred between them, because the goals of such pilots came into conflict. Yes, they are in the same team, but each of them has its own goal. Thus, you are constantly trying to balance this conflict.

The key moment is precisely in the search for this balance and in managing the situation from above. It’s about respect and how the team copes with all this. Communications play a crucial role, and in such cases, a different philosophy is used in the paddock.

I think, first of all, different approaches are used precisely in our two teams (Mercedes and Ferrari), and in the next few years we will see what works and what does not. Ferrari’s approach has not worked for many years, and most likely will not work further, but for us it’s not bad. ”