Hamilton: Test results are easy to interpret.

Hamilton: Test results are easy to interpret.

March 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At a press conference on Thursday, Lewis Hamilton talked about the lag Mercedes on winter tests and the alignment of forces.

Lewis Hamilton: “The test results are not so difficult to interpret. Of course, you cannot be completely confident in our positions, but tomorrow we will be on the track, we will receive even more information in qualifying, and after several races we will be able to evaluate the balance of forces. When we said that we needed to work a lot, it was not a joke. We really have something to do.

But our team has fantastic specialists. It is impressive when you see so many strong, experienced people united by one goal. When we returned from the tests, Toto Wolff gathered a “military council” and we discussed everything.

I saw in front of me the employees of our team who are passionate about their work and who are in love with races, who want to achieve more and know how to do it. I know that all of them are real fighters who will do everything possible so that we can progress. ”