Hamilton: I love the team I stand for

Hamilton: I love the team I stand for

December 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Today in Paris, the FIA’s traditional annual gala ceremony takes place, and, as always, it was preceded by a press conference with winners and prize-winners of various motorsport categories. At this meeting with reporters, Lewis Hamilton, who won his sixth league title in 2019, was asked about the rumors surrounding his alleged move to Ferrari.

The question was formulated as follows: when you plan to make a decision about your future, are you going to wait for a summer break in the 2020 championship, and to what extent can the situation be affected by the situation of Toto Wolff, who, they say, can leave the post of head of Mercedes?

“I don’t know, I haven’t really thought about it yet,” Lewis answered. – I love the team I stand for, I love the people I work with, so it would be very difficult to part with them. I have been in Mercedes since 2013, and it is very difficult to imagine that I could be anywhere else. Now our team dominates Formula 1, it is very strong, and it took years to achieve this.

To achieve such superiority, such stability, takes time, it does not happen quickly. Other teams do not have the qualities that we have. And, of course, if it were not for Toto, everything would be different. But he will do what he considers necessary and right for him. When I have to make decisions, I do what is best for me. He will have to make one or another decision that will meet his interests, the interests of his family.

In addition, sometimes change is good. Now is an interesting time: many riders turn to Toto, want to join our team, including the one who was just here (before Lewis Max Verstappen answered questions from the press), and they can be understood, because everyone wants to win. But I don’t think that in this connection I’m experiencing some kind of pressure, because a complete understanding has been established between me and Toto, we have no secrets from each other, and this will not change in the future. ”