Hamilton: I enjoyed driving

Hamilton: I enjoyed driving

March 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Lewis Hamilton led the protocol of the second training session of the Australian Grand Prix, ahead of 0.048 seconds. companion of Valtteri Bottas. Mercedes is happy with the results of the day …

Lewis Hamilton (1st): “Great to get back on the track!” The weather is fantastic, there are many fans in the stands. Today I enjoyed driving the car – I really like it. The car behaves the same way as in Barcelona, ​​which is positive, because there is a completely different route.

The team completed the program, we have no problems. It is necessary to add in different areas, but the beginning turned out to be quite good. It is necessary to analyze the collected data, but we usually do this on Friday evening. The fact is that both cars are on the move, we do not make mistakes and keep the technique intact – this is of great importance. “

Valtteri Bottas (2nd): “It’s great to be back behind the wheel and do what you love – today I had fun. Feels like the car is better than on tests. We brought not so many new products, but optimized what we had at our disposal.

Good first day, but Friday’s results don’t matter. While we have not seen the real speed of rivals. We represent, as far as we can add in qualifying, but we do not know what rivals are capable of. It is interesting to see what the results of tomorrow’s session will bring. ”

James Ellison, CTO: “A productive day. Both drivers found an acceptable balance on all tire compounds, we tested some new products – they work well.

It is still too early to judge what positions we are in, but the car is well managed, and the degradation of rubber is not so high in both trains – this is a good sign before the qualification. In the following days we will get a clearer picture of the alignment of forces. ”