Hamilton: I do not think that I have noticeable weaknesses

Hamilton: I do not think that I have noticeable weaknesses

January 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Remembering last season, Lewis Hamilton emphasized that winning the sixth championship title was not easy: although the Mercedes car in 2019 was better than its predecessor, it could not be called ideal.

“A lot of what I talked about at meetings with engineers in 2018 was embodied in the W10, and it was better than the previous model,” Hamilton told Auto Motor und Sport. – But we had to spend a lot of time fine-tuning many aspects related to the aerodynamics and behavior of the car on the track. However, some fundamental things remained that were far from ideal.

For example, I was not impressed with how the car copes with irregularities and overcome curbs. When I watched the recordings made by the onboard camera mounted on Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari, I noticed that his car behaved much more stable. In my case, the W10 shook so much on bumps that sometimes I could hardly see a turn.

But in some other areas we were stronger than rivals. Every year, I better understand the characteristics of the dynamics of the car and spend more and more time talking with engineers. At the same time, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand the nuances of tire behavior. Here you need to take into account a lot of parameters: the temperature of the brakes and the tires themselves, the pressure in them.

Our engineers are intelligent specialists, and I am very far from them. However, they cannot figure out exactly how I operate behind the wheel of a car. We can say that we are tuned to different waves, but we need to find a common language. And so that they can use my feedback on piloting, it’s very important to clearly explain everything to them.

With the behavior of the car at a race distance, we figured out pretty quickly. As for the qualifications, then there was no complete clarity until the end of the season. At some moments it seemed that we understand everything, but then we came to the next track, and again everything looked different. Understanding the features of how rubber reacts to different types of asphalt, I would compare with art. And I’m still in the process of comprehending how the level of adhesion of rubber to the coating changes along the circle. “

If at the beginning of the season Valtteri Bottas managed to get ahead of his famous team-mate more than once in qualifications and in races, then the situation changed, and as a result the victories were 4:11 in favor of the six-time world champion. Hamilton explained this by several factors, including the fact that Riccardo Muskoni, one of his former engineers, now works with Valtteri: “Of course, this also affected. On the other hand, in the first races of the season I never look perfect, because I always experiment a lot with the car. And when after the first four Grand Prix we had an equal score of victories, talk began that we were dealing with the new Bottas, that this was his version 2.0. Of course, I could not help but notice this, after all, I am also a person.

But then I led the bill, for which I needed the right psychological attitude, but you should also be at the peak of your physical form at the right time of the day. I tried to comprehend this art for many years and I can say that before the start of the season I owned it better than ever before.

Now I have become a racer who, perhaps better than others, can adapt to various situations. Perhaps that is why I am the only one who so often asks engineers to report in which direction and how the wind blows. The same thing happens if it rains, because the car behaves differently on each lap, and you have to constantly adjust the style of piloting.

I don’t think that I have any noticeable weaknesses. I try not to lose sight of anything. If I had to work on some of my specific shortcomings, I would inevitably be forced to do less with some other aspects of preparation. ”