Hamilton explained why removed the #1 from the car

Hamilton explained why removed the #1 from the car

November 24, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

For five years in Formula 1 pilots come out with permanent numbers, and the champions have the right to use number 1. For these five years, Lewis Hamilton became the champion four times, but never used the right to place the #1 on board his car. Until today, when it nevertheless appeared on the nose cone of his car in the first training session.

However, in the second session, the familiar number 44 returned to this place. In an interview after the end of the races, Hamilton explained what this change was made for and why he did not want to use No. 1 in the future.

Lewis Hamilton: “I personally do not like it. I remember when Jenson Button won the title in this team (then it was called Brawn GP) and then moved to McLaren, it was number 1 on his car, and it was strange to see this number on McLaren. I have been here for six years, and although we have been champions many times, we have never used number 1 on a car.

Engineers and mechanics asked me if I wanted to do this. I thought it would be great to place one on the car for one session – at least they will have photos about which they can proudly say: “we were number 1.”

But 44 is a special number for me. And everyone in the team constantly tells me how they traveled on the bus with number 44, or they had a flight with this number, or a seat on the plane. It becomes part of their life. This is great because it was so with me. So it was an interesting experience, but only for one session, and it doesn’t mean anything special. ”