Hamilton doubts the necessity of the Vietnam Grand Prix

Hamilton doubts the necessity of the Vietnam Grand Prix

November 15, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

That week, the decision to hold the Formula One Grand Prix in Hanoi in 2020 was confirmed. On this occasion, spoke British racer Lewis Hamilton.

According to the athlete, there is no need for racing in new countries as such. But at Silverstone or London, they would be the way. Indeed, in the UK, Italy and Germany have long known and love motor racing. He has roots here. Interest is also growing in the USA, although only one stage is held here so far.

Hamilton says that he was in Vietnam and in India, where a huge circuit was built literally from scratch, although it is a very poor country. “The sensations from this stage were strange.” He was at the Grand Prix of Turkey, which no one attended. Despite the excellent tracks, the stands remained empty.

“How can we add new countries? Wouldn’t it be better to add, for example, the city race in Berlin to the German Grand Prix? I think it is worth holding the Grand Prix in such cities, and not to come to where the Formula One is not known. ”