Hamilton can enter the top ten richest athletes

Hamilton can enter the top ten richest athletes

February 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Lewis Hamilton’s contract with Mercedes expires at the end of the year, and team leader Toto Wolff said negotiations with the rider will continue after he returns from vacation.

According to European press, we are talking about a three-year contract worth $ 180 million ($ 60 million per season). If it is signed, Lewis will be among the top ten highest paid athletes according to Forbes.

Now the six-time world champion takes 13th place on this list, earning $ 45 million a year for speaking in Formula 1 and $ 9.9 million in prize money. But if his salary at Mercedes grows to $ 60 million, he will rise to ninth place, not inferior to boxer Santos Saul Alvarez ($ 94 million) and tennis player Roger Federer ($ 93.4 million), who occupy the fourth and fifth lines in the list of the highest paid athletes .

The top three lines are occupied by football players Lionel Messi ($ 127 million), Cristiano Ronaldo ($ 109 million) and Neymar ($ 105 million).