Half of Volvo cars will be electric cars by 2025

Half of Volvo cars will be electric cars by 2025

June 7, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Volvo today published a development plan for the next few years. Within the framework of this plan, it is expected that the entire model line will be electrified, and reaching the production capacity of electric cars to 50% of the total.

The new business plan of Volvo was officially opened today. As it turned out, the Swedish company has ambitious plans for the near future and with the support of the concern Geely hopes to increase sales by 10% per year. Thus, the plan envisages an increase in production to 1,200,000 vehicles annually by 2025. And 600,000 per year should be electric cars, and approximately 400,000 of all cars will be equipped with unmanned systems.


Among other things, the company has high hopes for its Volvo car ownership program with a monthly subscription fee. The system by Care by Volvo has been successfully tested and received a lot of positive feedback. As part of the further development of this service, it is planned to increase the number of the company’s customers to 5 million people.

“The expectations of our customers are changing rapidly. This means that Volvo Cars is also changing fast. The initiatives we proposed will help transform Volvo from a purely automotive company into a direct supplier of consumer services, “said Hokan Samuelsson, CEO and President of the company.

It is worth noting that Volvo has entered a new level of economic development in recent years. For the year 2017, a record profit was shown, the growth of which was 27.7% compared to the same indicators of 2016. And the company continues to actively invest in the development of its vehicles, technologies, services and services.

At the moment, active development of cars with constant access to the network, as well as Car 2 Car communication systems, is being conducted, which allows providing greater safety.