Half a century old pickup truck was abandoned in the desert. It has bullet marks on it

Half a century old pickup truck was abandoned in the desert. It has bullet marks on it

September 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Found a copy – one of the last pickups based on the Hudson Super Six

In the New Mexico desert, a Hudson Super Six pickup truck was found, produced more than half a century ago, in 1947. Apparently, the car stood in the open air for more than one year, and therefore is in a deplorable state. Bullet marks on the body indicate that the pickup (and its owner) had a rough life.

The restoration of this instance can fly into a lump sum: the body is heavily rusted, the front optics, the engine and the radiator grill are missing, the interior is partially disassembled – only the dashboard and the original steering wheel have survived in an unknown way, and practically nothing remains of the seats. At the same time, all four wheels are in place, the tires are not deflated, so the pickup is suitable for transportation.


The pickup was put up for sale on eBay for five thousand dollars

This model is prized among collectors – almost a fortune can be bailed out for it. For example, a recently restored Hudson pickup was sold for $ 160,000. This high price is due to the fact that only 2,100 pickups were produced, and only a few of them have survived to this day.

At the end of the summer, a shipment of parts for racing Nissan was found in the desert, which remained unattended for nearly three decades. In particular, a set of aerodynamic empennage was found for the Nissan 300 ZX racing coupe, which performed in the American IMSA series in 1989-1994, propeller shafts, turbine parts, generators, heads for the VG30DETT turbo engine, manifolds, a damaged nose fairing from the Nissan GTP ZX prototype. Turbo and even a couple of racing suits. The find was estimated at 100 thousand dollars.