Haas has problems with warming up tires

Haas has problems with warming up tires

April 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In the second training session of the Grand Prix of China, Kevin Magnussen and Roman Grosjean showed only the 16th and 17th time – it was not possible to get the tires to work …

Kevin Magnussen (16th): “In cool weather, we had problems with warming up tires. We need to work on this before tomorrow. The team will study everything – the weekend so far is normal, we do not panic. We’ll see if we can find a solution by Saturday and achieve more. Hopefully tomorrow we will look better. ”

Roman Grosjean (17th): “Not the easiest day, just normal. In the second session, there were problems with the front wing on my lap with an empty tank, so we could not get information about the behavior of the car on a fast lap. On a long series, we have made progress, and I am happy with the car, but the settings have yet to be clarified.

I’m not worried about the qualification, but in Bahrain, we have problems with the racing pace. We have ideas on what can be done, but we have not yet found an approach to the VF-19. “

Gunter Steiner, team leader: “Today we have gathered a lot of information, continuing to understand the problems we faced in Bahrain. We have made some progress, but much remains to be done. The team will continue to work in the evening and in the third training session in order to squeeze the maximum out of the car in qualifying and the race. ”