Haas F1 hopes for points in the race

Haas F1 hopes for points in the race

September 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Haas F1 racers did not qualify for the finals, but hope to earn some points in the race …

Kevin Magnussen (12th): “Today everything went well, only the tenth was not enough for me until the final session, but it was quite possible.

I drove onto the track behind Elbon, but his car was faster and he quickly pulled away, so I was in a slip stream behind him for only half a circle. I squeezed everything out of this situation.

This year, our car is not as fast in racing as in qualification, it remains to be hoped that tomorrow will not be so. On Friday, she looked pretty good, I would like to see her like that tomorrow. I’m starting not so far from the top ten and will try to earn points if the car allows. ”

Roman Grosjean (16th): “I am disappointed that I did not go to the second session. The car behaved better than in the morning, it was fast in the corners, but on straight lines, compared with the Magnussen car, for some reason it lacked speed.

I drove my attempts well, in the fourth and fifth turns traffic was a little hindered – I lost some time there, but was quick in the corners. It’s a pity that it was not possible to achieve more speed on the lines – we need to find the reason. ”

Günter Steiner, Team Leader: “After training, the qualification positions were not surprising. We tried to tune the car so that in the race it allowed you to fight for position. I hope so. Our goal is to earn points in tomorrow’s race. ”