H600 Hybrid Concept by Pininfarina will be the serial

H600 Hybrid Concept by Pininfarina will be the serial

March 20, 2017 0 By autotimesnews

Concept sedan that studio Pininfarina built for a Hong Kong company Hybrid Kinetic and shown at the Geneva Motor Show, do not look particularly extravagant as for concept. Automakers are going to adjust its production, and in two countries.

Some nuances possible release of conveyor sedan H600 has now studied on the Italian enterprises Pininfarina, said representatives of Hybrid Kinetic Group agency Automotive News. However, full-scale production of luxury electric car will be established in two other parts of the world – the US and China, where, apparently, the Hong Kong company is going to organize a new assembly plant. And it will happen soon enough.

Over the next five years the company will release into the world to 200 000 units of electric sedan H600. In addition, these same companies will be collected and two models of Hybrid Kinetic, which is not presented to the public – one of the new products, for example, the company intends to demonstrate at the April show in Shanghai.

As for the H600 sedan, is due to generator Microturbines he can travel without recharging batteries to thousands of kilometers. This sedan is equipped with a 5.2 m long electric motors, total developing more than 800 hp and 100 km / h it can accelerate in just 2.9 seconds.

In addition, the sedan is non-middle rack of a body, rear doors that open against the direction of travel, full LED optics and plenty of multimedia chips in the interior.

H600 Hybrid Concept