Günther Steiner: We experience mixed emotions

Günther Steiner: We experience mixed emotions

March 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Haas F1 team leaves Australia with conflicting feelings. On the one hand, Kevin Magnussen finished sixth, losing only to the favorites, and the only one among all teams in the second echelon lost to the winner less circles. On the other hand, on the pit stops of Roman Gorzhan, a problem arose again, just like a year ago, and everything ended again with his ascension due to the wheel that had come down from the hub …

Roman Gorozhan (runoff): “I still do not know exactly what happened. Just felt that something was wrong. Not a better day. Before all this started, I was pleased with everyone and went behind Kevin.

The new rules really help to haul another car, but the tires remained the same as last year, and when you attack, you start to slip and lose traction. So although it’s easier to chase cars, it’s still very difficult to overtake. On the whole, what happened today is very annoying, because throughout the weekend we looked strong, and in the race, too, were strong. “

Kevin Magnussen (6th): “I am very pleased with the good result. Of course, I’m sorry that the team did not manage to bring both machines to the finish. The novel would also be in a good position, especially after such a strong qualification for us, so I’m very upset that he did not earn points.

The sixth place for me is a great result, I’m happy. I started off quite well, and the car was good all the way. I could attack the entire race and control the wear of the tires. I am very happy for this beginning of the season. “

Guenter Steiner, Team Leader: “Today, we experience mixed emotions. With the car of the Roman happened deja vu, on the pit stop something went wrong. Last year, after Australia, during all the other 20 races, we did not have any problems on the pit stops. But here we are not a little lucky, and we need to understand what has happened – while speaking about it even early.

On the other hand, Kevin finished sixth, and this is a great achievement for the team. We know that we have a good car. This year, we will take eight points from Melbourne, while in the past after the Australian weekend they were the last. So things are going better than in 2018. I think with our car we can be strong in all the remaining 20 races. ”