Gunter Steiner: We make up for lost time

Gunter Steiner: We make up for lost time

February 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Roman Grosjean showed the fifth time on Wednesday at the tests in Barcelona. His best lap racer Haas drove on the softest part of the C5. The team is pleased with the past day and expects to catch up on last week …

Roman Grosjean (5th): “A good day with a large number of laps completed. In the morning we started the work a little later, but then we went into a rhythm and did everything we wanted. I piloted the car in different modes – everything is great – it responds very well to changes in settings. Every day we improve a lot.

The team works great, and I feel that we are moving in the right direction. I look forward to the opportunity to drive even more laps this week. ”

Gunter Steiner, Team Leader: “Another good test day. We liked to work on the track, we drove more than a hundred laps, which is always good. I think we will make up the time lost last week. The team is learning, evaluating the tires and trying to figure out how to work with the settings. A few more such days, and we will be ready for Melbourne. ”

Haas adjusted the future schedule of the riders on the tests. On Thursday, Kevin Magnussen will be the first to drive, and Roman Grosjean will replace him in the afternoon. On Friday morning, Grosjean will start work on the track, and Magnussen will complete the tests.