Gunter Steiner: Podium is a dream

Gunter Steiner: Podium is a dream

March 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Haas F1 car on tests in Barcelona did not differ either by special speed or reliability, and the head of the American team, Günther Steiner, has to admit that we can only dream about the first podium so far.

“The podium is a dream. It will be great if we manage to climb the podium, – he said. – Perhaps, last year in Baku we could have a good chance, if not for the accident. So in 2018, luck was not on our side – let’s hope that we will have better luck this season.

Maybe the situation will change, and we will get a happy chance, but if everything goes as usual, then only three top teams can count on the podiums. But sometimes in the race so the circumstances that you can get it, if you go immediately for the riders of the three strongest teams. But for this you need to steadily go to fourth position. “

For the mileage covered in the pre-season tests in Barcelona, ​​Haas was only in seventh place out of ten – various technical problems prevented work more fruitfully.

“It’s hard to say how much it all affected our preparation,” commented Steiner. – Even if we could not collect all the necessary information, we must continue to work, because in any case nothing can be changed. And to what extent this prevented us, I do not know. But we can handle it, everything will be fine.

I hope we understand all the problems, and they will not be repeated. It’s good that malfunctions appeared on the tests, because you can hope that we have identified their causes and will be able to eliminate all this before the races.

Of course, on tests such difficulties lead to a loss of time, but still it is better to solve all the problems before the start of the season. If we understand the problems that reliability suffers from, then everything will be fine. ”

The best result of the team last year was the 4th place of Roman Grosjean following the results of the Austrian Grand Prix.