Gunter Steiner is not against qualification races

Gunter Steiner is not against qualification races

October 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Next year in Formula 1 will conduct several experiments with qualification races. The idea is to have a short 100-kilometer race instead of the traditional qualification, in which the riders will start in the reverse order to their positions in the individual competition, and the results of the finish will determine the start order in the Sunday Grand Prix.

Not everyone in the paddock approved this idea, but Haas team leader Gunther Steiner sees nothing wrong with such an experiment: “Why not? I am not against experiments. Sometimes you need to bring an idea to life in order to understand whether it will work or not. You won’t be smarter if you don’t do anything.

We could conduct computer simulations, but they would not change anything, since everything new always carries certain risks. People are skeptical of everything new. I am open to experimentation, but with one caveat: if the concept does not work, then in Formula 1 they will have to admit it and take a step back.

When in 2020 we conduct experiments with the qualification format on a real track, then we will understand whether it is good or not. Personally, I don’t see a convincing reason to change something, but if you want to try in the Formula 1 manual, you need to do it. They are promoters, after all, this is their show. If the show can be done better, and it will benefit the sport, then I am ready for a change. ”