Gumpert Nathalie or methanol sports car

Gumpert Nathalie or methanol sports car

March 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A promising new product was a 536-horsepower engine that runs on methanol. There is a car worth 455,000 dollars. Deliveries will begin in the first half of 2021.

A year after its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 2019, the Gumpert Nathalie fuel cell methanol car finally got its production version.

 Aiways, a German sports car manufacturer, introduced the Nathalie First Edition sports car, which marked the start of production of the world’s first methanol-fuel cell-powered vehicle that produces hydrogen and electricity.

 “It was my vision of an electric car that does not stop, even when the battery is low, paved the way for this new car in every sense. Today, a year later, we can introduce you to the world’s first production car with a methanol-fuel cell, which is independent of charging or hydrogen stations, ”says Roland Gumpert, CEO of Gumpert Aiways.

 While the prototype had a carbon shell, the production model will use biological light materials such as flax, which makes up 50% of the total body volume.

The car’s propulsion system consists of a 15 kW methanol fuel cell that produces hydrogen from methanol and converts it into electricity. The total energy consumption of the system (methanol-fuel cell plus a buffer battery) is 178 kWh, and the system power is 544 hp.

 Refueling a 65-liter methanol tank takes three minutes, and Gumpert Iveys says no special infrastructure is needed because Natalie runs on commercially available methanol. With a full tank, a sports car can travel 820 km.

 The car can accelerate to 100 km / h in 2.5 seconds, and the maximum speed will be 300 km / h. Gumpert Aiways will only collect 500 copies of Nathalie (including the First Edition), each of which will cost 407,000 euros