Guide Formula 1 on the fate of racing at Silverstone

Guide Formula 1 on the fate of racing at Silverstone

November 8, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Sean Bratchez, F-1 Commercial Director, spoke about the position of Silverstone after the news about the Grand Prix in Vietnam.

“Despite the fact that Formula 1 is already 68 years old, it is still dynamic,” says Brothers. – The first Grand Prix in its history was held at Silverstone, yes, but we have not been driving all 68 years. The stages took place on different routes, including at Brands Hatch. ”

He noted that the places where races are held are not a constant value. And although the individual stages are very valuable and they are trying to save, you need to remember that racing is also a business.

“We are trying to do everything possible to please the fans, and at the same time be a successful business,” – says the commercial director.

F-1 conditionally divides the race into three groups: 1) the historical stages (this is just Silverstone); 2) stages taking place on city streets and parks (for example, Melbourne and Mexico City); 3) races on specially equipped autodrome (Shanghai, Bahrain). Other street races are also planned, and the stage in Vietnam is a step into the future.