Grosjean: It is always difficult to find a compromise in the Spa

Grosjean: It is always difficult to find a compromise in the Spa

September 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Haas F1 cars in the Spa lack speed. In the second training session, Roman Grosjean showed 12th time, and Kevin Magnussen – only 18th.

Gunter Steiner, team leader: “It’s not the best Friday, it’s always difficult for us on tracks that require a small downforce. “We need to work hard to get more out of the car, but we never give up.”

Roman Grosjean (12th): “In general, everything is in order. Surprisingly, already in the first series of circles I was pleased with the balance of the car. Then we began to gradually reduce downforce and its behavior changed.

It’s always hard to find a compromise in the spa. You need to achieve high speed on a straight line, and then find the settings to save it in turns. We evaluate the level of downforce we spend this weekend. We really work hard to understand how to perform better in the future.

“Before, I did not pilot our car in the version of the aerodynamic body kit that debuted in Hockenheim, but compared to the version that appeared in Barcelona, ​​it is clearly better, which added confidence to me.”

Kevin Magnussen: “Not a good Friday. We fought with the car, looking for settings. Let’s see if these problems can be resolved, but the day turned out to be difficult.

It is difficult to find the optimal level of downforce on this track, besides we have traditional problems in order to make the tires work, which further complicates the search for aerodynamic and other settings.

If the tires do not work, then everything is bad, but with us it is. We need to understand if we can figure this out. I haven’t even driven a long series of laps today. Cross your fingers that on Saturday everything will turn out better. ”