Greenpeace demanded to ban crossovers

Greenpeace demanded to ban crossovers

September 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Greenpeace, it turns out, were waiting for the international motor show in Frankfurt with no less excitement than motorists. Using the attention attracted to a major automobile exhibition, environmental activists are lobbying for a ban on crossovers, the most popular and fastest growing segment on the market.

The purpose of the ban on the sale of SUVs is to reduce the detrimental effect of CO2 emissions on the global climate. Why exactly crossovers? Because these cars are now being bought most actively. And while crossovers remain more popular than small electric cars, cars are a problem for the environment, protesters say.

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diss told Reuters that crossovers are what the customer wants. But, of course, car companies should strive to allow middle- and low-income families to buy an electric car. Note that while electric cars remain much more expensive than analogues with internal combustion engines.

Greenpeace claims that automakers are responsible for 9% of all harmful CO2 emissions in 2018.