Great Wall Motor announces partnership with Neusoft

Great Wall Motor announces partnership with Neusoft

February 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Great Wall Motor and Neusoft join forces to collaborate on research and create a central computing platform for VCP-based intelligent machines.

On January 7 this year at CES in Las Vegas, Great Wall Motor Corporation and IT company Neusoft Group announced that they are collaborating in the field of scientific research and the creation of intelligent car systems.

The strategic partnership of the companies provides for joint work and exchange of experience in the trending areas of intellectual engineering, for example, research and creation of a central computing platform for intelligent transport based on Neusoft VCP, as well as other trendy competitive products and solutions.

 Mr. Guo Yanson, Deputy Director of the Great Wall Research and Development Center, spoke about the latest technical achievements of the corporation: “Our company is constantly following the trend of technological innovations that are focused on user interests and a high level of service. When creating an updated computing platform, we try to provide our customers with the required functionality and a product that is comfortable to use. A central computing platform can be compared to installing processors in a machine. In the event of failure of one of them, the others will immediately come to replace it, thereby ensuring maximum safety. In addition, we are engaged in the design of a smart cloud, using a lot of information and AI, to create a smart car interior with quantitatively measured IQ and huge training opportunities. ”