Great Wall is betting on the luxurious version of the crossover Haval F5

Great Wall is betting on the luxurious version of the crossover Haval F5

April 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The F5 crossover became the firstborn of the new “youth” F-series. The stylish SUV made its debut in the 2018th at the April motor show in Beijing.

Already in the autumn of 2018, the “youth” Haval F5 entered the home market and almost immediately won the sympathy of Chinese motorists. At present, according to local analysts, brand dealers have already handed over 34,000 copies of the model to customers, however, according to the manufacturer, Haval F5 has much greater potential. To uncover it, brand management announced the release of a special version of the crossover with an added list of premium options. Dealers will start accepting applications for a new product from April 28.

 It is known that the luxurious version of the Haval F5 will receive stylish optics with LEDs, adaptive cruise control, keyless access system to the salon, for the decoration of which the manufacturer used noble burgundy leather, glass roof with a sunroof, all-round cameras, as well as modern multimedia with the ability to control from your smartphone and more.

The F5 is driven by a single 1.5-liter gasoline turbo engine with a capacity of 169 horsepower, working in tandem with a seven-step “robot”. The cost of luxury new products while the manufacturer keeps a secret. For comparison, the standard Haval F5 in the initial configuration is estimated at 92 thousand yuan