Grand prix of the USA: The second part of the free races

Grand prix of the USA: The second part of the free races

November 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On Friday morning, many complained about a large number of bumps compared to last year. Asphalt sank in places, and Charles Leclair had to return to the pits after hitting one of the bumps – because of the blow, there were problems with the gas pedal. Before the start of the second training session, the teams adapted the suspension settings to minimize the consequences.

In the afternoon it was not so cold as in the morning – the air warmed up to 15 degrees – the same conditions are expected during qualification and race, so the session turned out to be useful.

Williams solved the gearbox problem that prevented Nicholas Latifi in the morning – George Russell, who returned to the cockpit, left at the beginning of the session.

As in the morning, the tire workers provided the teams with C4 tire prototypes of 2020 – and the racers actively used them at the beginning of the session.

In the 10th minute, Roman Grosjean crashed the car in the fifth corner – and the session was stopped with red flags. The blow was strong enough, the rider was sent to a medical center for examination, but nothing happened. After eight minutes, the riders rode out again.

At the 77th minute in the 14th turn Vettel’s car turned around, he flew out onto the grass, but returned to the pits on his own. Almost immediately, Kvyat flew off the track – without consequences for the car. Several riders canceled the lap time for traveling off the track in the 19th turn.

At the end of the session, Stroll and Sainz nearly collided without seeing each other, but … did not collide.

The protocol was led by Lewis Hamilton, having traveled a circle for 1: 33.232.