Grand Prix of Singapore: The second part of the free races

Grand Prix of Singapore: The second part of the free races

September 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The second training session – the most useful in Singapore – it starts half an hour later than qualification, and half an hour earlier than Sunday the race starts – this is the only opportunity for teams to work with the settings during the weekend and assess tire wear in similar conditions.

Mercedes restored Bottas’s car after an accident in the first training session, Ferrari replaced the gearbox on Leclair’s car – there will be no penalty, the failed box was Friday.

Not without incidents. Quat, Stroll and Grosjean touched the barrier, Elbon drove into the “safety pocket” – without consequences for cars.

The second incident involving Elbon ended in a blow to the barrier in the tenth turn and a broken nose cone, but after a short repair the driver drove off again.

Many complained about traffic. Magnussen tried to pass Perez in the 21st corner, but Sergio did not notice him and pushed him into the wall – Kevin struck the barrier, both cars continued to move. Racers were called to the stewards.

The protocol was led by Lewis Hamilton, driving a circle for 1: 38.773. Max Verstappen lost to the leader less than two-tenths, the rest – much more.