Grand Prix Formula 1 in 2020 will be held in Vietnam

Grand Prix Formula 1 in 2020 will be held in Vietnam

November 7, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

This time Vietnamese Hanoi will be hosting the Grand Prix. This was officially announced by the authorities of the capital.

In a letter to the municipality of the city said that next week there will be a solemn presentation of the track. Her image, albeit in poor quality, has already appeared on the network. According to the authorities, the cost of the race will be covered by advertising revenue.

Initially, the organizers considered the possibility to equip the route around Lake Hoan Kiem, which is in the city center. But then, they decided to build it near the national stadium, where the tracks themselves are wider.

It is assumed that the route will be one of the fastest in the calendar, if we take into account the presence of two long straight.

In Southeast Asia, the Grand Prix will be held for the third time. Before Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore took the race. The presentation of the track in Hanoi will take place next Wednesday, Chase Carey, director of F-1, will take part in it.

Earlier it was reported that the four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel because of a number of errors lost chances to win.