Gordon Murray is preparing a track version of the supercar T.50

Gordon Murray is preparing a track version of the supercar T.50

September 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

UK company Gordon Murray Automotive announces a racing version of its first supercar, the T.50, as if believing a 663bhp car. wasn’t powerful enough yet.

Gordon Murray Automotive, a company founded by none other than McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray, unveiled the T.50 to the world in early August. it is a supercar, endowed with the genes of the famous F1 with a special power plant. Behind the front seats is a 3.9-liter V12 engine co-developed with Cosworth. The unit provides 663 horsepower to the winged T.50 with a carbon fiber body. and 467 Nm.

According to Gordon Murray Automotive, the T.50, designed specifically for the track, will be called the T.50S. All 48 examples of the T.50 for road use are already sold out, so those who missed the 663-hp supercar can order one of the 25 T50S variants. Weighing only 890 kg, the T.50S is 94 kg lighter and more than 67 hp. more powerful because the V12 behind the rear seats produces 730 hp in the racing version.

Equally interesting is the modified spoiler, which works in conjunction with the “fan” on the rear of the T.50S. Its downforce is 1500 kg, which is 170% of the car’s weight. Gordon Murray Automotive is asking for almost 3.5 million euros for the T.50S excluding taxes.