Google tests augmented reality function while navigating Google Maps

Google tests augmented reality function while navigating Google Maps

February 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Last year, during the Google I / O conference, Google showed the function of augmented reality as part of the Google Maps map service. It allowed users to indicate the direction of movement relative to the location of the camera of the smartphone. And all this in real time. Google planned to introduce a similar opportunity into Google Glass, but in this case it is not necessary to use an additional headset, the image is displayed on the smartphone screen.

Google has already begun testing the augmented reality function of Google Maps, and The Wall Street Journal journalist David Pierce was able to test its earlier version. He told how this function works. The application determines the location of the user using the GPS module in the smartphone, and then uses the data of the Street View service to find the exact place where the user is located, taking into account the direction of his gaze. After that, arrows appear on the smartphone screen, indicating the desired direction of travel in order to reach the destination.

“It’s as if Google Maps has drawn the direction of travel in the real world, but no one else could see it,” notes David Pierce.

He adds that the new feature is unlikely to be the main way to step-by-step navigation, but it is a huge step forward in the right direction for the Google Maps service. It can be useful when the user leaves the subway in a new place for himself, and does not know in which direction he needs to go further.

David Pierce reports that the application does not require constant use of the camera. After some time working with the camera, it is no longer used, and the usual map is shown to the user. In Google, she experimented with the interface and found that users are constantly looking at the screen, following a virtual clue. Because after a while the camera turns off. However, according to Pierce, the current version of the interface is not final and can still change. At the same time, Google does not specify when the official release of the new function will take place for the use of the general public. So far, it will be offered only in limited access for some participants of the program “Local experts”. It will only be available to the public after “Google is satisfied with its level of readiness.”