Google Maps starts to show speed limits

Google Maps starts to show speed limits

January 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Google Maps has become the default navigation application for millions of drivers around the world, despite the fact that automakers themselves often offer their own navigation systems in new cars. Now this app has got a couple of long-awaited features.

However, one of the key features that Google maps lack in comparison with other navigation systems, including dedicated GPS devices, is the ability to display a speed limit on roads. In addition, the American system does not warn drivers about approaching cameras with fixed speed.

But apparently the guys from Google decided to fix this flaw. US motorists report that Google Maps has recently begun to display speed limits. A new feature began to work for a separate part of New York, as well as Los Angeles and Minnesota.

Interestingly, the Google Maps application feature had a speed limit feature as early as July 2017, but it only worked in the San Francisco Bay and Rio de Janeiro area.

This app now also notifies drivers via an audible warning when they approach a fixed speed zone. Users can also view famous speed traps on the route they are about to go.

Google has not yet made the official announcement of the introduction of the long-awaited functions in its application, although we assume that this will happen in the coming months.

It is curious that the guys from Google put off as soon as possible the introduction of the possibility of showing sections with speed limits and warnings about speed cameras for Google Maps to the application. Well, the company Waze, owned by Google, for several years provides such information to its users.