Google invests in flying cars?

Google invests in flying cars?

July 23, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Google, which at the moment is one of the largest American companies, can boast of participation in various fields of activity these days. Now, Larry Page, who is one of the founders of Google, decided to invest a lot of money in the development of flying cars.

We want to note that since the 1950s we have been told that flying cars will soon cease to be a fantasy and will firmly enter our life, but the reality is that even now such vehicles are far from ideal.

Mr. Page is confident that in the very near future it will be possible, as they say, to bring to mind the project of flying cars. He is so confident in this idea that he currently participates in similar projects from the 3 leading aircraft manufacturing companies.

According to a rather authoritative foreign edition of The Verge, Larry Page is bound by an agreement with a Canadian company called Opener. He also has a partnership with Kitty Hawk, which recently introduced its concept for a 2-seat flying taxi.

In 2010, Larry Page, together with Stanford’s Stanford Professor of Aeronautics, Elan Kroo founded a company called Levt Inc. This company specialized in developing a flying taxi and changed its name to Zee.Aero in 2011.

Moreover, with the founder of Google is acquired Canadian company Opener. Back in 2009, representatives of this company demonstrated the work of a prototype aircraft.

Well, only time will tell what kind of future the unmanned aerial vehicles are waiting for. Well, thanks to the efforts of Larry Page, there is no doubt that Google will become one of the main players in the new and, it seems to us, quite promising market.