Google and Polestar Expands Autonomous Transport Collaboration

Google and Polestar Expands Autonomous Transport Collaboration

February 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Polestar brand deepens ties with Google’s IT company to make next-generation cars “easier, safer and more fun.”

According to the head of the Polestar brand, today, partners who collaborated to equip the Polestar 2 model with the Android operating system, seek to offer tools that are more integrated into the on-board systems of the machines, which automatically adapt to the user’s personal preferences and the latest applications.

“We have already demonstrated to the world that we are serious about digital integration in our cars and are open for cooperation with experts in these areas. Now we continue to follow this direction, sharing a vision that further matches the preferences of our customers. Based on the Android infotainment system in Polestar 2, our future systems will make life in our cars easier, safer and more fun, ”said Thomas Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlat.

Future cars of the brand will receive a more advanced Android operating system with modern speech recognition technology, which includes more languages, understands local accents and self-learns. In addition, cars will be able to offer streaming video from popular applications and other services for passengers when the car is parked, for example, during charging.

To counter information overload, cars will receive improved eye tracking and proximity sensors. The screens will change their brightness and content depending on the conditions and reaction of the driver. Dimmed displays will increase intensity when users look in their direction, and the approach of the driver or passenger hand adapts the presented controls.

The system will also alert users if they spend too much time looking at the screen and not at the road in front of the car. In addition, Polestar will combine its advanced driver assistance systems with Google Maps, which will allow to secure maneuvers on the road.