Goodyear showed tires with infinite service life

Goodyear showed tires with infinite service life

March 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Goodyear showed off the reCharge concept tire, which independently repairs its own tread and any mechanical damage. Such a tire is not afraid of punctures and cuts, for this reason the motorist will not have to worry about the pressure in it or change it to a new one.

reCharge became the world’s first tubeless tire, which was developed from modern and environmentally friendly materials, such as rubber from dandelions and a synthetic web.

The main feature of the invention is that, through networks of thin tubes, a special mixture enters the surface, penetrating the upper layer and hardening, restoring the tread and eliminating any damage, in particular, deep ones. The mixture itself is stored in removable canisters in the wheel hub, for this reason it can be used at any time.

¬†As noted in Goodyear, the technology involves the use of various “recovery” solutions that allow the driver to adapt the tires to a specific type of road, weather conditions or season.

 Nevertheless, it is too early to talk about serial production and, moreover, the use of self-healing tires. Their final revision, as noted by the developers, will require at least 10 years.