Goodyear Aero Tiltrotor tires do not need roads

Goodyear Aero Tiltrotor tires do not need roads

March 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Goodyear has introduced the concept of automobile tires, which can both travel on the ground and provide movement through the air.

The well-known company Goodyear, which is not widely known all over the world for its car tires, is trying to realize the ideas of science fiction by presenting a concept car tire that also serves as a propeller for flying cars.

This tire is called Aero, and this is one of the many debuts taking place now at the Geneva Motor Show. This is a bimodal system in which the tire acts like a normal tire when the vehicle is on the ground.

The presented concept does not need air – the structure inside the thin tire is non-pneumatic and is capable of absorbing irregularities, as a typical modern tire does. The presented concept has a fairly narrow design, so it cannot be installed on, say, the German sports coupe Porsche 911.

In the second mode, the tire tilts 90 degrees and rotates parallel to the ground. The spokes that support the tire on the ground also have the shape of propellers providing lift. With such tires, the car at every turn becomes a quadcopter.

Goodyear assumes that such a tire will use magnetic traction both on the ground and in the air. Such a system will certainly be free from friction, but such technologies, as a rule, are still an area of ​​science fiction. The tire will also use artificial intelligence to analyze various conditions and transfer this information to the car, automatically making changes in performance.