Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​may be postponed due to coronavirus

Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​may be postponed due to coronavirus

March 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Goodwood Festival of Speed, whose history began back in 1992, has long been a cult event for motorists from around the world. This time, a spectacular event may be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This year, the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​was due to begin its work in mid-summer, July 9-12. However, due to the difficult situation with the spread of coronavirus, the event may be postponed to a later date. According to Automotive News Europe, citing its own source, the Goodwood Festival may be delayed until August. Recall, this is not the first year this festival has shown what historical and modern cars are capable of.

The event is held outdoors in a country estate owned by the founder of the festival, Charles Gordon-Lennox, 11th Duke of Richmond. This picturesque place is located a hundred kilometers southwest of London.

Initially, the festival was conceived as a great way to revive motor racing in the UK, returning to its former world fame.

 If the festival is still postponed to August, then it may intersect with other automotive events. For example, on August 16, an Elegance contest is scheduled in California’s Pebble Beach.