“Golden” Lamborghini burned an hour after service

“Golden” Lamborghini burned an hour after service

February 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The supercar was destroyed after passing a scheduled inspection, for which the owner laid out $ 13 thousand. The incident occurred on a road near Birmingham (UK).

The owner of the gilded Lamborghini, a 22-year-old businessman Lac Sira, was returning from an authorized dealer when he sensed the smell of gasoline in the cabin. In order to make sure that the car was okay, Sira contacted by telephone the mechanic who serviced the car. However, he hurried to assure the owner that this is a normal situation, when the cabin smells a little fuel after the technical inspection.

After some time, as the driver told the Daily Mail edition, there was a dull clap and flames appeared. At this moment Sira and his girlfriend left the car in a hurry. By this time, the fire had already seized the back of the supercar, destroying almost entirely the Lamborghini worth $ 165 thousand in minutes.

The firefighters who came to the rescue extinguished the flames, but the Lamborghini had already set off for the “next service” on the platform of a tow truck.