Goat, a drunk driver without a license and a runaway convict – all in one car!

Goat, a drunk driver without a license and a runaway convict – all in one car!

January 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The check conducted by the road patrol in Krzeszzy (Poland, Lubusz Voivodeship) will be remembered by local officers for a long time. On January 19, on Skvezhinsk Street, police turned their attention to the Volkswagen Polo, through the glass of which something very much like a goat was visible.

A chase was organized behind the car, and during it became clear that a goat was really riding in the trunk, which nodded friendly to its neighbors in the stream, including the police.

When the car was stopped, law enforcement officers were very surprised. The driver turned out to be a very drunk 33-year-old driver, who had been deprived of his rights for the habit of driving a boat long before that. It was purged, a breathalyzer, and this time revealed 1.5 ml / l of alcohol in exhaled air.

The passengers were a 39-year-old man and … Franya’s goat. The first was searched by the police – he was supposed to be not in the car, but in prison, where he went straight. Franya behaved quite friendly, the detained driver admitted that it was not the first time he was transporting an animal in a car.

After drawing up the documents, the driver was released, and the goat Fran, along with the keys to the car, was entrusted to a friend of the driver (sober and with rights!), Who specially drove up to the place of detention.

However, for the reckless driver of Volkswagen this is not the end of the story! For driving a car without rights, and even when intoxicated, according to local laws, he can be imprisoned for up to five years, but the court will already take care of this.

Despite many gross violations, the police were very amused by this story, because not every day you see such a “glorious” company in a car!