GMC Hummer booking will cost $ 100

GMC Hummer booking will cost $ 100

October 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

There is one week left before the GMC Hummer EV unveiled, although production will not begin until autumn. We will soon find out all about the resurrected brand’s new all-electric SUV, although there is already some information on what to expect – for example, GMC is opening up accepting pre-orders.

According to Automotive News, citing Phil Brook, GMC’s vice president of marketing, customers will be able to choose from four available interior trims, select their preferred dealer and deposit $ 100 per booking. Orders will open on October 20, just as GMC is launching a marketing campaign for the new model.

GMC will also begin its advertising campaign for the new model next week. There will be a commercial during the first World Series game and on NBC. Brook told the publication that GMC is conducting a “large-scale, multi-platform, multi-screen disclosure campaign.” The brand first revealed a teaser for the model back in February during the Super Bowl with NBA superstar and four-time NBA champion LeBron James. It is GMC’s first EV and an important model for the entire General Motors lineup.

GMC calls the Hummer EV a “super truck”. The Hummer will have up to three electric motors that will produce over 1,000 horsepower. power and generate 15,590 Nm of torque. Last month, the automaker posted a video of the so-called “Crab Mode”, which gives the truck the ability to turn all four wheels in the same direction. Cheaper models with fewer engines and fewer capabilities will also be available.