GM will use lithium metal batteries in its electric vehicles

GM will use lithium metal batteries in its electric vehicles

March 12, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

General Motors President Mark Reuss used the Washington Post Live to announce a new partnership with SolidEnergy Systems to expand the use of lithium metal batteries in its electrified vehicles.

As the head of the American concern said, lithium metal batteries have great prospects, their specific energy is twice as high as that of traditional lithium-ion batteries, and at the same time they are 60% cheaper. Reducing costs promises to make EVs affordable for everyone.

Lithium metal batteries could also leave behind concerns about range on a single charge, as Reuss suggested they could allow future electric vehicles to travel 805-966 km on a single charge.

That’s nearly double the 2022 Chevrolet Bolt hatchback and 241km farther than the first-generation Ultium batteries (developed by GM), which will be used in the Cadillac Lyriq and GMC Hummer EV.

Reuss also highlighted potential productivity applications. Given that lithium metal batteries have twice the energy density, it would be possible to use lightweight battery packs in high-performance models while maintaining a decent range for them.

The prototype batteries were simulated at km 241,402 at the Warren Technical Center (USA). The automaker also announced plans to create a joint prototyping line in Woburn, Massachusetts, which will build a “high-capacity pre-production battery” by 2023. If all goes according to plan, we could see them in production cars in the middle of the decade.

In a statement, Reuss said: “Availability and range are two of the main obstacles to mass adoption of electric vehicles.”

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that Tesla and GM will again be able to give buyers of electric cars a discount of $ 7,000. This way, motorists in the United States will be able to save money. A similar incentive for buyers of electric cars began to operate even during the time when George W. Bush was president. Now she’s back.