GM vice president: “Mass transition to electric cars will begin in 5 years”

GM vice president: “Mass transition to electric cars will begin in 5 years”

May 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Ken Morris, who worked for 31 years at General Motors and became vice president of electric and autonomous cars six months ago, is confident that analysts’ predictions about a 15% share of electric vehicles in the total fleet in 10 years are wrong. He is confident that a turning point will happen already in the mid-2020s – the pace of transition of consumers to electric vehicles will accelerate sharply with the rapid improvement of all the characteristics of electric cars and the expansion of a fantastic user experience.

In an interview with Automobile reporters, Morris confirmed that he believes analysts’ predictions about the slow growth of the global fleet of electric vehicles, which supposedly in 10 years will not exceed 15%, are too conservative, writes Electrek. He is confident that their share will be much larger.

    “I hope, and intuition tells me that the turning point will come in the mid-2020s, when people suddenly start buying electric cars faster than anyone could predict, just because they give a fantastic driving experience,” he said. “And when they get used to charging the car like a phone at night, they will never have to call in for gas stations again.”

A drop in oil prices will also not be able to disrupt GM’s plans to switch to electric transport if the company continues to reduce the premium margin on electric cars, the vice president said.

“If you can sell a car that doesn’t consume gas at the same price as a car that consumes gas, you don’t need to be a mathematician to understand that it is worth it. But we have not come to this, ”he continued. – Today we are approaching this stage. Studies say that while the client wants to pay a small margin for an electric car, but does not want to pay a lot. So our task is to bring these numbers together as much as possible. ”

Morris promises that GM will begin to offer customers various profitable options for switching to electric transport “very soon” in the next five years. And even a pandemic will not be able to slow down the company’s transition to electricity.

Indirectly, the expectations of Ken Morris are confirmed by the fact that user demand, for example, for Tesla cars is so high that Ilon Mask has to constantly expand production. So, literally today it became known that Tesla will double the production capacity of the factory in Shanghai, despite the fact that the construction of its first stage has not yet been fully completed.

At the end of 2019, the number of electric vehicles in the world increased by 2.3 million (+ 41% growth per year) and reached 7.9 million units.

At the beginning of the year, General Motors Director Mark Reuss promised that the company’s electric vehicles would be profitable from the first day of sales, because the turning point had already arrived. As soon as they manage to get rid of three factors that slow down the penetration of this type of transport, consumers will begin to abandon the internal combustion engine.