GM unveils smallest Wuling MINIEV convertible in brand history

GM unveils smallest Wuling MINIEV convertible in brand history

April 20, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Could this incredibly cute Hong Guang MINIEV Cabrio concept from Wuling for the Chinese car market make it to production? Some news sites definitely think so.

While the Shanghai Auto Show is flooded with bold and dynamic EV concepts from Honda to Lincoln, the cute Wuling Hong Guang MINIEV Cabrio concept has already won the hearts and minds of show fans and hackers alike.

The concept of the model is very similar to the Dartz FreZe. The Dartz is one of the most affordable electric vehicles in Europe. The already delivered Hong Guang MINI EV electric car, on which this concept is based, is the result of a joint partnership between the Chinese auto power plant SAIC and General Motors.

The main advantage of MINIEV is that it is cheap … really cheap. At a price of about $ 4300 or 324 thousand rubles. This is below half of the price at which its European counterpart Dartz will be sold.

The microcar found a response from buyers: within the first 20 days from the moment the microcar went on sale, applications for 15,000 cars were received. A few months later, Hongguang received a staggering 50,000 orders. Based on this success, the MINIEV Cabrio was presented to the public on the first day of the Shanghai Motor Show.

This budget EV convertible has several other subtle designs. He received colored door inserts that resemble phone case stands. The headlights are now funky LEDs. There are some larger wheels with six spokes on low profile tires. The roof itself is made of fabric and takes up where the rear seats are usually found. Integrated safety hoops protect the legs of the two front passengers.

Read also that GM is launching a tiny 2,917mm Macaron Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV in China. It was created by the developers of the auto giants GM and SAIC.