GM unveils Buick’s futuristic cross coupe

GM unveils Buick’s futuristic cross coupe

September 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

General Motors Corporation has shown at the Beijing Auto Show a concept model Buick Electra, which received a futuristic design.

As noted by the manufacturer, the concept car is a harbinger of a serial cross-coupe on electric Buick, which is expected to be released in the next few years. According to the information, the novelty will be produced and offered exclusively in the PRC.

The exterior of the car combines sharp lines and intricately curved surfaces. The B-pillar of the car is absent, in turn, all doors are opened by a butterfly-wing mechanism. Inside, it is worth noting the presence of a futuristic steering wheel instead of the traditional steering wheel and a large screen that combines the instrument cluster, infotainment and other functions.

The prototype was designed by specialists from the PATAC engineering center, which is a joint company of GM and the Chinese automaker SAIC. At the same time, a team of employees from the PRC and the USA was assigned to develop the style of the conceptual model.

No technical specifications are available at this time. The concept car is said to have received an electric powertrain. Most likely, a presentation of a mock-up demonstrator without units took place at the auto show.

In addition, a design sketch of an electric car by the American company Cadillac was recently circulated on the Internet. It should be emphasized that this image was published on the official Instagram page of the brand.